Best Hillside Montessori Preschool


Published: 05/30/2017

by Ajantha Nadesan


Best Hillside Montessori Preschool

Hillside Montessori Preschool offers early childhood education for children aged 3 months infants – 6yrs old Kindergarten. Our Hillside Montessori is centrally located near Lake Forest, Potola Hills, Foothill Ranch, Rancho Santa Magarita, and Mission Viejo, Orange County. Hillside Montessori was established in 1997. The school’s director is Ms. Ajantha Nadesan and head teacher, Ms. Julie Labus.

Our Students Learn Life Values

Hillside Montessori School House instills ideologies in our students that will help them in school and in life- such characteristics as respect for themselves and others, acceptance and the skills of tolerance. Children learn values, about the importance of eating good food- we learn about Gardening (composting and organic garden), study nutrition and teach children about foods to use in the Kitchen. They also learn about Cosmic Life, that everything has a purpose in the world and is part of the circle of life.


Toddler Program: 18 Months – 36 Months

Toddler communities are designed to meet the developmental needs of the very young child and to support the child’s natural growth. These young students need to move and explore everything in an environment where we can trust that the child will be safe. They are still in the parallel play stage, so while they enjoy being around others, they do not naturally engage in group activities. Toddlers absorb information from sights, sounds, smells, textures and taste without formal lessons. The design of the learning space takes those two factors into account using self-directed, individual activities which can be done with little or no intervention from the adult.



Hands-on learning materials are placed in sequence throughout our beautiful, spacious classrooms and garden areas to enhance the toddler’s ability to be independent, to use fine and gross motor skills, to recognize sensory impressions, and to increase language and cognitive skills.

They use manipulative materials which demonstrate cause and effect relationships and one-to-one correspondence. Children are encouraged to use language to express their needs and to begin to understand others. Engaging developmental art, music and rhythm lessons are also available throughout the day.   

The activities of Practical Life encourage the children’s independence in regards to caring for themselves and their surroundings, preparing and serving food, and the lessons of grace and courtesy. The lessons of grace and courtesy are the activities that set Montessori programs apart from that of others.  Through the adult example and model the children learn appropriate, respectful actions and words to use with the people around them.


Hillside Montessori School of Lake Forest OC California